A spectacularly hilarious, open-mic night of comedy, talent and variety held every TUESDAY at Shaker & Company.

e-Mail to book your slot, or turn up on the night and hope there’s a place.

Expect Stand-Up, Sketch, Musical Comedy, Magic and Dance. And hope for Bee Beards, Gurners, Snake Charmers, One-Man Bands and Ventriloquists. And that dog dancing stuff.

FREE ENTRY for the 8pm start.

All welcome to come and entertain, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s FUNNY.

TOM WEBB hosts.

'London's best comedy open-mic nights' (Time Out)

'Best Free Comedy Nights in London' (Spoonfed)

'The extraordinarily funny Tom Webb takes to the stage to make us giggle and present a dozen fresh faced comedians. Always a good laugh with something for everyone’ (Hackney Gazette)

'An eclectic open mic show hosted by the very funny Tom Webb' (LondonIsFunny)

'Variety is live and well' (Spoonfed)

'A wonderful, weekly open mic night of comedy, talent and variety' (RemoteGoat)

'Stunning Showcase of Convivial Comedy. Tom Webb's Party Piece is one of the more memorable open mic night's you're likely to find in London... running from 8pm until around 11pm on a Tuesday night, Party Piece showcases work from between 12 and 16 comedians... you'll be sitting right down in among the act, it's hard not to get drawn into the evening's entertainment. Party Piece brings together an array of emerging and established talent, from experienced professionals testing new material, comics just passing through, to those just tapping the mic for the very first time. For me, the most memorable part of the event is the host and compere Tom Webb. Tom's affable style is genuinely engaging and ensures you'll be willing to sit through even the most nervous of acts in order to hear Tom rap, pun and survey his way through the rest of the evening. Tom's love for the industry shines throughout the evening; and with Party Piece he has created a warm, welcoming atmosphere in which comics can test their routines and nerves. He encourages all of the acts every step of the way, laughing, bantering and providing support... With this kind of quality I'd happily pay to attend, but I'm delighted to let you know the event is entirely free. So if you are free on Tuesday... please support the whimsical and witty, the playful and the priceless: Party Piece ★★★★★’ (RemoteGoat)

TIME OUT recommended

SPOONFED recommended

REMOTEGOAT recommended

LONDON PAPER recommended

LONDON LITE recommended